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Your Tallahassee Law Firm for the Prosecution and Defense of Appeals

In his appellate practice, Robert M. Ervin Jr. is dedicated to providing clients the highest caliber representation in all phases of the appellate process, whether it be appealing adverse lower court rulings, or defending lower court victories on appeal.

Before accepting a case for appeal, Mr. Ervin will review the record to determine whether there is a legitimate challenge, such as:

  • Insufficiency of the evidence
  • Improper legal interpretation
  • Improperly admitted testimony or other evidence
  • Procedural errors
  • Faulty jury instructions

Our appellate attorneys have the legal knowledge needed to handle briefing and oral arguments before appellate courts throughout Florida.

Robert M. Ervin, Jr. provides these services in Tallahassee, Leon County, the surrounding counties of Wakulla, Franklin, Gadsden, Liberty and Jefferson, along the Northern Florida Gulf Coast, and throughout Florida. Call us at 850-224-9135 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.


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